3 days Trip to Ghale Gaaun & Homestay

Ghale gaaun is one day trekking from Beshisahar. It is also the first day destination on the longer gurung trail. This village is famous for it’s best scenic views of the himalays and the homestay program. You will be welcomed by the villagers with flowers and white tika on your forehead.


Day 1: Kathmandu to Beshisahar (Bus/Car, 5 hrs)

Day 2: Beshisahar to Ghalegaaun (Jeep: 3 hrs, Trek: 5-6 hrs)

Day 3: Back to kathmandu

Trip highlights:

  • Beautiful himalayan scenery
  • Homestay program in traditional gurung/ghale houses
  • Tea garden
  • Museum
  • Cultural dance of village
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