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  • about tripiks


    are we?

    We are a travel search portal helping travelers pick the best trips, tours & holiday packages around the world provided by hundreds of travel companies. Read More About Us »

  • What

    do we serve?

    As a traveler, you can search for your favorite holiday destinations around the world, check the various offers and prices and go with the best travel provider that fits your needs.

  • How

    does this work?

    You search for the trip/destination you are looking for, choose between the various offers and pricing provided by many travel providers, you checkout/contact the operator of your choice.

  • Why

    we do what we do?

    Think of us much like a search engine but intelligently curated for tours and trips. We constantly update the availability and pricing from the providers website and make it easy for you to choose a trip that best fits your needs.

  • You travel,
    we pick trips

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